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Have you been thinking about adding a topcoat to your metal product or part? A finish can boost gloss levels and prevent oxidation and rust.

There are many types of finishes that you can use for a topcoat. Here, we explain in more detail how a clear powder coat works and what applications it may serve in protecting the lifespan of your product.

At Minnesota Industrial Coatings (MIC), we specialize in powder coating and finishing, working closely with our customers at every step of the production journey. Please do not hesitate to get in touch for any services you need.

What Is Clear Powder Coating?

Clear powder coating is a clear layer of coating, usually applied over an existing powder coating. It increases the gloss levels, creating a high-shine effect.

Powder coating is an organic powder applied onto metal using an electrostatic process. Upon heating the coating, it creates a smooth, robust, chemical-resistant, and hard layer over the metal surface. The result is a subtly glossy finish. 

A clear powder coat accentuates this effect by ramping up the gloss levels and adding further protection. It’s the final touch in the production process. 

example of rusted metal part without a clear powder coat

Why Add a Clear Powder Coat?

There are dozens of motivations for someone to apply a topcoat, but usually, manufacturers will do it for:

Aesthetic Reasons

A topcoat boosts the overall aesthetic of your part or product. The shine can enhance the powder coating, increasing gloss levels and enriching the color underneath. It creates an eye-catching effect, and many people opt for a topcoat as a finishing touch to their part.

Oxidation Prevention

When using metallic and chrome powders, adding a topcoat is advisable. Otherwise, the metals, such as aluminum, inside these metallic and chrome powders can oxidize with the environment quickly, making the part or product vulnerable to rust. 

A topcoat helps extend the longevity of your part. However, a clear powder coat over some metals, like raw steel, is not recommended, so it is worth asking someone on the MIC team for clarification.

Extra Protection

Even if your part doesn’t use a metallic powder finish, a topcoat is still useful as a layer of protection. Most powder coatings are glossy and protective, so adding a clear powder coat enhances these qualities. The finish can prevent corrosion, chipping, rusting and extend the product’s lifespan.

A few powder coatings are more aesthetic than safeguarding. However, even if these coatings are a little porous, a top layer preserves the finish on your part.

matte silver metal tiles with high gloss embossed letters spelling the word "finish"

Types of Clear Coat

We have been talking a lot about the high-gloss effect of a topcoat, but you can find clear coats that provide different gloss levels:

  • High-Gloss—super shiny, reflects light
  • Glossy—adds shine to existing color
  • Matte—low-gloss
  • Flat—no gloss

One thing to bear in mind with these various types is that a clear powder coat is not entirely invisible. Each coat brings a unique finish and shine, affecting the underlying color. It’s not a significant impact, but there can be change.

We always recommend making a small sample first because of the potential for a color change. It also reduces waste, helping MIC to continue our efforts as an eco-sensitive company.

Does MIC Work Nationwide?

Yes! Although our head office is in Princeton, Minnesota, Minnesota Industrial Coatings (part of the Elemet Group) works with customers nationwide. We ship products across the country. Wherever you are, if you are looking for a clear powder coat or any other e-coating or powder coating service, MIC will get the job done for you.

gold metals starts in a row on a sparkly gold later depicting five gold star review

The Best Powder Coating and Finishing Services

A clear powder coat offers numerous benefits, from elevating the part or product’s appearance to creating a final finish that extends the part’s lifespan and protects against various elements. If you want to protect your parts or enhance the gloss levels, a top layer could be for you.

At Minnesota Industrial Coatings, you’ll find the best powder coating and finishing services. We are innovators in our field, using state-of-the-art systems with leading technologies. Whatever your requirements, we can help you out today. Whether you need advice or wish to inquire about a service, get in touch with a dedicated team member.

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