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In metal spinning, the introduction of the VUD 1500-2 S marks a significant leap forward, setting new benchmarks for power and precision in the industry. This groundbreaking machine confronts the challenge of forming large, thick metal parts with unprecedented ease, addressing the critical needs of today’s most demanding metalworking applications. The importance of this technology cannot be overstated, as it revolutionizes the capabilities of manufacturers and enhances production efficiencies.

In this article, we review the sophisticated features and robust performance of the VUD 1500-2 S. Illustrating its impact on metal spinning processes and gaining insights into how this machine’s advanced design and capabilities can be leveraged to achieve superior results and higher productivity.

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Exploring the VUD 1500-2 S – A New Era in Metal Spinning

A group of workers posing for a photo in an industrial setting. They are in front of a large machine labeled "WF VUD 1500-2 s." Most are wearing blue work overalls with "WF" on the chest pocket, while a few are in business attire. Some are standing, and others are kneeling or crouching in front.

Overview of VUD 1500-2 S

Designed and manufactured by WF Maschinenbau, the VUD 1500-2 S represents a monumental advancement in metal spinning technology, engineered to handle the most challenging metal forming tasks with unmatched precision and power. This WF machinery is uniquely designed with a vertical orientation, maximizing workspace and ergonomic efficiency. It can form steel blanks up to 32 mm thick and supports a maximum formable diameter of 1,500 mm, allowing for the production of large-scale components.

Equipped with two cross supports, the VUD 1500-2 S utilizes separate forming supports that exert forming forces of 1,000 kN axially and 800 kN radially. This dual-force approach is essential for achieving precise deformation without compromising the material’s integrity. The machine features an innovative triple roller-changing mechanism for each forming support, enabling the use of up to six different forming rollers at any operating angle, which greatly enhances its versatility.

Another standout feature is its automatically ratio-changing gearbox. This allows the main spindle to rotate at two distinct speed and torque levels—up to 300 rpm at 28,000 Nm for heavy-duty tasks, and up to 750 rpm at 5,600 Nm for quicker, lighter operations. The integrated cooling-lubricant system, with a delivery rate of 1,600 l/min, ensures efficient heat dissipation during intense forming processes, maintaining optimal machine performance.

The VUD 1500-2 S is also equipped with two turning-tool mountings, which support machining operations before, during, or after forming. This integration facilitates a seamless workflow and reduces downtime. The sophisticated swarf-trap system minimizes contamination of the cooling lubricant, enhancing machine longevity and maintenance ease. Additionally, tools up to 4,500 kg can be quickly and safely exchanged using the integrated tool changer, emphasizing safety and efficiency in high-capacity environments.

This comprehensive design and robust performance make the VUD 1500-2 S not just a machine, but a transformative asset in the field of metal spinning, capable of pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in metal forming.

Key Specifications of the VUD 1500-2 S

The VUD 1500-2 S is engineered with top-tier capabilities to meet rigorous industrial demands.

  1. Formable Workpiece Specifications:
  • Maximum Diameter: 1,500 mm (60 inches), allowing for large-scale production.
  • Maximum Thickness: 32 mm for steel blanks (Grade 50), ensuring robust part fabrication.
  1. Forming Supports and Rollers:
  • Supports: Two cross supports exerting significant forming forces—1,000 kN axially and 800 kN radially.
  • Rollers: Six rollers across two turrets, configurable at any angle in 5° increments, providing unparalleled flexibility.
  1. Spindle and Gearbox:
  • Speed and Torque: Two-speed gearbox offering up to 300 rpm at 28,000 Nm and 750 rpm at 5,600 Nm, adaptable for both heavy and light operations.
  • Gearbox: Automatic ratio-changing feature enhances performance flexibility.
  1. Additional Features:
  • Cooling-Lubricant System: High-capacity pump with a 1,600 l/min rate ensures effective heat management.
  • Tool Mountings and Changer: Dual tool mountings for operational versatility, with an integrated tool changer supporting up to 4,500 kg, facilitating swift and safe tool changes.
  • Swarf-Trap System: Advanced system minimizes coolant contamination, improving machine cleanliness and maintenance.

These specifications illustrate the VUD 1500-2 S’s ability to deliver high-quality, precision-formed metal components, making it a powerhouse in metal spinning technology.

Technological Innovations in the VUD 1500-2 S

VUD 1500-2 S for Metal Spinning

Exceptional Forming Capabilities

The VUD 1500-2 S leverages advanced forming technologies that allow it to manipulate heavy-duty metals with ease. With forming supports that deliver forces of 1,000 kN axially and 800 kN radially, the machine can handle exceptionally thick and large-diameter workpieces—capabilities that are pivotal for industries requiring robust component manufacturing.

One of the standout technological innovations of the VUD 1500-2 S is its versatility in roller positioning. The machine can use up to six different forming rollers, adjusted at any angle in 5° increments. This flexibility is critical for achieving precise curvatures and shapes, making it ideal for complex projects.

Moreover, the dual-speed capability of its spindle, which can operate at either high torque for dense materials or high speed for finer details, allows for a broad range of spinning applications. This adaptability ensures that the VUD 1500-2 S can meet diverse operational demands without compromising on quality or efficiency.

Advanced Roller-Changing Mechanism

Each forming support in the VUD 1500-2 S is equipped with a triple roller-changing mechanism. This allows the machine to use up to six different forming rollers, which can be adjusted at any operating angle. This capability is pivotal for tackling diverse project requirements and complex part geometries.

The ability to change rollers quickly and efficiently without interrupting the production process reduces downtime and enhances throughput. The configuration of rollers in various angles (in 5° increments) further enables precision forming that meets exact design specifications. By facilitating the use of multiple roller sets during a single operation, the VUD 1500-2 S can perform complex forming tasks that would typically require multiple passes or machines. This not only speeds up production but also ensures higher consistency and quality in the final products.

High-Performance Spindle Gearbox and Cooling System

The high-performance spindle gearbox stands out as a key feature. This component is crucial for enabling the machine to handle a wide range of metal spinning tasks with varying demands on speed and torque.

Dual-Stage Operation: The spindle gearbox is engineered to operate in two distinct modes:

  • High Torque Mode: Achieves speeds of up to 300 rpm with a torque of 28,000 Nm, ideal for forming thicker, more resistant materials.
  • High Speed Mode: Offers speeds of up to 750 rpm at a torque of 5,600 Nm, suited for quicker, less intensive forming processes.

Automatic Ratio-Changing: This feature allows for seamless transitions between speed and torque settings without manual intervention, enhancing operational efficiency and productivity. The gearbox’s ability to automatically adjust its output parameters based on the task requirements is a testament to its advanced design.

Reliability and Precision: Designed with robustness in mind, the gearbox ensures consistent performance under industrial conditions. It contributes significantly to the VUD 1500-2 S’s overall reliability, reducing downtime and maintenance needs.

This high-performance spindle gearbox is a critical component of the VUD 1500-2 S, enabling it to deliver unmatched precision and efficiency in metal spinning operations.

Enhancing Operational Efficiency with VUD 1500-2 S

An industrial vertical drilling machine with the label "WF VUD 1500-2 S" on its body. The machine has a large metallic piece secured in its center with automated tools positioned above it. To the right of the machine is a control panel with a digital display, indicating the machine's operational status.

The VUD 1500-2 S significantly enhances operational efficiency in metal spinning environments through several advanced features.

Integrated Tool Changing and Centering Features

The VUD 1500-2 S is equipped with advanced tool changing and centering features that significantly enhance operational efficiency and precision in metal spinning processes. The integrated tool changer is engineered to handle tools weighing up to 4,500 kg (approximately 10,000 lbs), which allows for quick, safe, and efficient tool changes. This feature is crucial for reducing downtime between production cycles and enabling seamless transitions between different operations.

Additionally, the VUD 1500-2 S includes an integrated centering unit that ensures the accuracy and consistency of workpiece placement. This unit is vital for maintaining high-quality standards during the metal forming process, particularly when dealing with large or complex parts. The precise centering capability ensures that each piece is aligned correctly before the forming process begins, reducing the risk of errors and material waste.

Contamination and Maintenance Solutions

In the realm of high-performance metal spinning, the VUD 1500-2 S incorporates advanced contamination control and maintenance solutions that significantly enhance operational efficiency. This machine features an intricate swarf-trap system designed to minimize the contamination of the cooling lubricant by metal debris (swarf), a common issue in metal forming. Such contamination can lead to increased wear and tear on the machine’s components and disrupt the manufacturing process.

To ensure the machine operates at peak efficiency, the VUD 1500-2 S is equipped with a robust cooling-lubricant system capable of delivering 1,600 liters per minute. This system effectively removes the heat generated during intense forming processes, preventing overheating and maintaining optimal machining conditions.

Maintenance is streamlined through an integrated tool changer that facilitates the quick and safe swapping of tools weighing up to 4,500 kg. This feature not only reduces downtime but also enhances workplace safety, ensuring that operational standards are upheld without sacrificing production time.

These contamination and maintenance solutions embedded in the VUD 1500-2 S highlight the machine’s capability to maintain high throughput rates while ensuring long-term reliability and precision in metal spinning processes.

Efficient Cooling and Lubrication System

In the context of metal spinning, maintaining optimal machine performance is critically dependent on effective cooling and lubrication systems. The VUD 1500-2 S is equipped with a sophisticated cooling-lubricant system, a crucial component for managing the high temperatures generated during intensive metal forming processes. This system includes a high-capacity pump that delivers 1,600 liters per minute, ensuring that the machine components stay cool and well-lubricated under all operating conditions.

The cooling-lubricant system not only prevents overheating but also contributes significantly to the machine’s overall efficiency and longevity. By maintaining a consistent temperature and reducing friction, the system helps to preserve the integrity of both the workpiece and the machine’s internal components. This results in less wear and tear, lower maintenance costs, and improved operational uptime.

Furthermore, the VUD 1500-2 S incorporates a well-designed swarf-trap system that minimizes the contamination of the cooling lubricant with metal swarf. This feature is especially beneficial during extended operating periods, as it ensures that the lubricant remains clean and effective, further enhancing the machine’s operational efficiency and reducing potential downtimes for cleaning and maintenance.

The Impact of VUD 1500-2 S on Metal Spinning Processes

Increasing Productivity and Precision

The VUD 1500-2 S dramatically enhances productivity and precision in metal spinning processes. With its dual-speed capabilities and robust forming forces, this machine streamlines production by enabling quicker turnaround times and reducing the need for secondary operations. Its precision is unmatched due to the integrated CNC controls, which allow for exact repeatability and fine adjustments during the forming process.

This technological sophistication results in higher output rates while maintaining exceptional quality. The cooling-lubricant system and swarf-trap minimize operational disruptions, further boosting productivity.

Additionally, the versatility in handling diverse sizes and materials, coupled with the capability to perform turning operations before, during, or after forming, exemplifies how the VUD 1500-2 S is redefining efficiency and accuracy in metal spinning workshops. The integrated tool changer and customizable roller angles ensure that the machine can quickly adapt to varied production requirements, enhancing both flexibility and performance.

Economic and Environmental Considerations

The VUD 1500-2 S not only excels in performance but also brings substantial economic and environmental benefits to the metal spinning industry. From an economic perspective, the VUD 1500-2 S maximizes production efficiency through its high-speed capabilities and dual torque settings, which allow for quicker turnaround times and reduced labor costs. The integration of advanced tooling systems minimizes the need for multiple setups, reducing operational expenses and downtime.

Environmentally, the VUD 1500-2 S contributes significantly to sustainability efforts. Its state-of-the-art cooling-lubricant system is designed to reduce waste and lower the consumption of resources. The swarf-trap system ensures that metal debris is efficiently captured and removed, minimizing environmental contamination. Additionally, the precision and control offered by the machine reduce scrap rates, further decreasing the environmental footprint of manufacturing processes.

Make the Impossible Possible

In conclusion, the VUD 1500-2 S stands out as a revolutionary force in the realm of metal spinning, combining unparalleled precision with formidable power. This machine not only meets but exceeds the industry’s toughest demands, showcasing its ability to handle large, thick metal parts with ease and efficiency. Each aspect of the VUD 1500-2 S is designed to enhance productivity, ensure precision, and streamline operations.

For industries ready to push the boundaries of what’s possible in metal forming, Elemet Group is your go-to partner. Leveraging the power of the VUD 1500-2 S, we offer solutions that ensure quality, efficiency, and innovation. Contact us today to discover how our cutting-edge technology and expertise can elevate your metal spinning projects, ensuring that your operations are as effective and innovative as possible.

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