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When operating a manufacturing firm, one of the most important parts of the job is making sure you have a reliable system for cutting and producing the parts you need.

When it comes to accomplishing this task efficiently and delivering high-quality results, there’s no better solution than 5-axis precision waterjet cutting.

Precision waterjet cutting is an up-and-coming manufacturing technique that is truly head and shoulders above other methods for cutting parts precisely and efficiently.

Thanks to all the benefits of precision waterjet cutting, this superior production practice is quickly taking the manufacturing industry by storm as more firms look to take advantage of its enhanced capabilities.

So what exactly are the benefits of precision waterjet cutting? Why should you consider implementing this technology for your manufacturing firm? We’ve got all the answers for you below.

Read on to learn all about precision waterjet cutting benefits and then contact Elemet Manufacturing for your precision waterjet cutting needs.

What Is Precision Waterjet Cutting?

A CNC waterjet cutting machine cutting shapes into metal.

A waterjet cutter is a special tool used in industrial manufacturing to cut materials into specific shapes to form various parts and tools.

It works by shooting out a thin stream of water at very high pressure, usually combined with some form of substance to increase the stream’s abrasive properties. 

A 5-axis waterjet cutter can make precise cuts from a variety of angles, allowing for more complex procedures than other tools can accomplish.

With these incredible capabilities, it’s no wonder this process is transforming the manufacturing industry.

What Makes Precision Waterjet Cutting Unique?

CNC water jet cutting machine modern industrial technology.

Precision waterjet cutting has many advantages over other, more traditional methods of industrial production.

Compared with a CNC drilling machine, which is the most popular alternative, waterjet cutters are far more accurate and precise, especially those with 5-axis capabilities.  

There are also certain environmental benefits to using this method as opposed to a CNC drilling machine or another technique.

For instance, waterjet cutters do not produce harmful byproducts and are associated with fewer waste emissions. 

As environmentally conscious initiatives permeate every sector of the working world, it only makes sense that manufacturers in the United States will start to gravitate more and more towards this cutting-edge, eco-friendly technology.

What Can Precision Waterjet Cutting Do For You?

Waterjet pieces on a table after cutting.

It goes without saying that this procedure has tremendous implications for innovating production.

Manufacturing firms that take advantage of this technology can produce parts with extremely complex shapes in precise detail.

This technology makes the entire manufacturing process more efficient, allows more rapid advanced part production, and reduces the need for further work on parts after the finished cutting process.

All in all, precision waterjet cutting benefits are incredibly numerous and more than outweigh any potential drawbacks. 

7 Benefits of Precision Waterjet Cutting

A large quarry stone being cut by a waterjet cutting machine. Here are some benefits of waterjet cutting.

So why exactly should you consider using precision waterjet cutting over any other method of production? What does this practice offer that more traditional manufacturing procedures do not?

Well, there are actually quite a few useful advantages to using this production method. Some of the most prominent precision waterjet cutting benefits are expanded upon below.

1. Accurately and Precisely Cuts Complex Shapes

The main advantage of using this manufacturing technology is that the cuts are significantly more accurate and precise than those made by any other tool used for the same purpose.

Thanks to these remarkable capabilities, many manufacturing firms have reached new potentials in production, as they can now produce more complex forms than ever with minimal effort.

2. Requires No Heat Source or Application

Other tools used in this industry for producing parts rely on applying intense heat to make the materials in use more malleable and less resistant to being cut.

This tool requires no heat to be used, which is easier from a logistical standpoint. It also allows for a greater degree of control when forming parts with complex shapes.

3. Works on Any Material

Unlike other manufacturing methods, precision waterjet cutting has no limitations on the kinds of materials used.

Many firms find this versatility enormously helpful, as it eliminates the need to use different machines to make parts from different materials. It’s efficient, simple, and easier on your company’s budget. 

4. Reduces Waste

When it comes to environmentally conscious manufacturing practices, switching over to the exclusive use of the waterjet cutter, where applicable, would go a long way in reducing harmful waste.

In an industry known to struggle with waste reduction, it is amazing to see these new technologies crop up, offering solutions to these long-standing environmental problems. 

5. Generates No Undesirable Byproducts

Equally helpful in combating the harmful production of emissions and pollutants from the manufacturing industry is the lack of dangerous byproducts produced using this method.

These machines use only water and a reusable abrasive substance to cut materials into various shapes.

As a result, there’s nothing harmful that can make its way back into the environment and harm plants or animals.

6. Works Fast

The speed at which a 5-axis waterjet cutter can work means the turnaround time for the production of new parts is much lower than average.

As a result, manufacturing firms have the potential to increase their output significantly and, in turn, their profits by taking advantage of this ingenious method.

7. Eliminates the Need for Further Operations

Thanks to the expert precision allowed by precision waterjet cutting, there is no longer a need to add any additional steps to get the parts down to the exact desired shape.

These machines can get the job done right on the first try, which moves the whole process along faster and saves on operation costs at the same time. 

See What Precision Waterjet Cutting Can Do For You!

Precision Waterjet Cutting

After gaining an understanding of the vast scope of the benefits of precision waterjet cutting, there’s no longer any reason to put off incorporating this fascinating and useful technology into your manufacturing firm’s business lineup.

Whenever you’re ready to unlock this plethora of precision waterjet cutting benefits for your own enterprise, contact the professionals at Elemet Manufacturing who are waiting and willing to assist you.


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