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Quarter 1 Legacy Award Winners

Elemet Group has offered the Legacy Award for every quarter, with one annual winner. 

The Legacy Award is given to those who show our core values; Teamwork, Integrity, Innovative, Driven, and Fun. The Legacy Award program allows all employees to nominate someone who has stood out to them while representing our core values. The winner and nominee also receive a cash prize if they are chosen by the leadership team at the end of the quarter. 

Q3 had three winners!

Katie Baumann, our Marketing Coordinator was noticed for showing the core values of teamwork and fun!
Aaron Olson, our Laser Nesting Programmer at Glenn Metalcraft, was noticed for showing the core value of teamwork!
Sal Gil, a Spin Operator at Glenn Metalcraft TX, was noticed for showing the core values of teamwork, integrity, and fun!

Congratulations again to our winners! We wouldn’t be complete without you! Thank you for your continued dedication and motivation towards Elemet Group!