Forging Excellence: The Journey of Custom Metal Fabrication

Custom Metal Fabrication

Have you ever wondered how a simple idea transforms into a tangible, high-quality metal product? The answer lies in custom metal fabrication – a process that shapes ideas into reality.  Dive into the world of custom metal fabrication and discover the journey from concept to creation, the expertise of Elemet Group, and valuable tips to […]

What Industries Use CNC Machining?

Industries Use CNC Machining

Advanced CNC machining can play a valuable role in creating precise parts and products that fill high-level needs in a wide range of industries, such as the aerospace, medical, electronics, and defense industries.  From building airplanes that are as safe as possible to creating prototypes for possible new medical devices, industrial CNC machines significantly reduce […]

5 Essential Types of Manufacturing Services

professional technician engineer with safety helmet hard hat working in industrial manufacturing factory, men at work to checking equipment of machinery production technology or construction operating

Elemet Manufacturing is your go-to-market leader in advanced CNC machining services for aerospace, defense, medical, and industrial equipment manufacturers. Our cutting-edge machinery and specialized team of technicians demonstrate our excellence in precision machining and metal fabrication. We utilize the latest technology, including 5-axis waterjet cutting, CNC milling, and metal fabrication, among others, to produce high-precision […]

Metal Prototype Machining and Other Options

hand with metal Object printed on 3d printer

Simply put, prototype machining produces a small number of parts before generating a bigger batch. Most businesses opt for prototype machining for appearance and testing purposes. The former checks how the part will look after production, while the latter is more concerned about the performance of the part and whether it will perform its intended […]

High Precision Machining Methods Ensure High Quality Parts

high precision tool holder device for interface cutting tool and spindle of cnc machining center or automatic milling machine

At its bare bones, machining removes excess raw material from a bar stock, typically metal. High-precision machining uses high-performance cutting tools combined with sophisticated software and engineering talent to achieve highly accurate levels of machining. Modern tools with incredibly tight tolerances reach mind-blowing limits of design feature creation. The materials used in these precise machining […]


Technician works on large CNC computer numerical control cutting machine

Machining is the art of processing metal, wood, ceramic, or plastic into products of the desired shape, weight, density, and length. However, most industries limit the use of this term to mean producing metal products of different shapes and sizes to suit various industrial needs. In this blog, we’ll be introducing to you the types […]

Which Metal Fabrication Process Is Right for Your Part?

operator demonstrating a metal fabrication process via a sheet bending machine

With total revenues averaging $33 billion per year, it’s safe to say the metal manufacturing industry is massive. So, it’s no wonder there are so many different metal fabrication methods to consider.  This article will cover a few of them, give a brief overview of the metal fabrication process, and where to best seek these […]

5 Types of Metal Fabrication

Close-up of manual metal fabrication worker measuring details with a caliper

Did you know the metal fabrication equipment market will reach an impressive $92.84 billion by 2025? This growth is because of a rapidly increasing need for advanced infrastructure and growing industries – an industry in which you may already be a part. How do you keep up with the demand for high-quality products? How do […]

CNC Machining vs 3D Printing

A CNC machine creating a metal part.

Choosing between CNC machining and 3D printing is a common question for anyone looking to create metal products. Both machines produce a wide range of metal parts and offer unique perks. However, not every business will benefit from using both, and the wrong choice could cost you in terms of quality and money. How do […]

Plasma vs. Precision Waterjet Cutting

A waterjet cutting machine working to cut through stone.

If you need to have raw materials cut, you have a few different options for cutting methods. Two of the most popular methods for cutting raw materials are plasma cutting and precision waterjet cutting. Elemet Manufacturing offers the cutting services you need to accomplish any job. Elemet Manufacturing is located in Aiken, Minnesota. Formed by […]

GMI Delivers Superior Metal Spinning

CNC machine doing superior metal spinning and forming

Founded in 1947, Glenn Metalcraft Inc. (GMI) provides high-quality expertise and services to countless businesses. GMI became one of the first U.S. companies to invest in innovative CNC spin technology to present clients with superior metal spinning services. It remains committed to a high standard of excellence and customer satisfaction. By prioritizing the relationship between […]

5 Tips on How to Choose a Machine Shop

man supervising machine shop

Good relationships are vital to the heart of all business. If you require a custom piece of machinery, you need to trust the shop that is in charge of manufacturing. Choosing a machine shop that is right for you can be the start of a valuable business relationship.  With options available, it can be overwhelming […]