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Quarter 2 Legacy Award Winner

Elemet Group has offered the Legacy Award for every quarter, with one annual winner. 

The Legacy Award is given to those who show our core values; Teamwork, Integrity, Innovative, Driven, and Fun. The Legacy Award program allows all employees to nominate someone who has stood out to them while representing our core values. The winner and nominee also receive a cash prize if they are chosen by the leadership team at the end of the quarter. 

Quarter had one winner for the Legacy Award!

Markella Thelen and Dan Patnode

A huge congratulations to Markella Thelen for being our Q2 Legacy Award winner!

Markella works in the e-coat department at Minnesota Industrial Coatings! She also has ran the HAAS machining center at Glenn Metalcraft Inc, and can often be found helping out on Saturdays when needed!

Markella was noticed for showing the core values of driven, teamwork, and integrity!

Markella is such a positive and hardworking person! She has been so helpful and patient when answering my questions. Markella is very motivated and determined to get everything done, and then finding other tasks she can be doing to make the next day run smoothly. She has made a big impact on the e-coat department and over at MIC in general!” -Katie Baumann

“Being new to e-coat she excelled even when on her own for over a week. Never complaining or having a negative attitude. A true star!” -Jennifer Bonner