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Our goal is to offer customers options for cutting necessary features into all of the pieces we produce for them. Our custom metal cutting equipment now includes the offerings of laser, plasma, and waterjet.

Metal Cutting Equipment

Our equipment has the power to achieve any jobs. Our customers have requested additional value-added services, and we answered by investing in new equipment.

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Metal Cutting Advantages

In addition to our metal cutting services, we also offer metal spinning, machining, welding, fabrication and finishings.

Elemet Group has a broad, advanced collection of automated metalworking equipment supported by the latest software. Our contract manufacturing atmosphere allows us to handle prototypes and production at any volume effectively.

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Metal spinning, or metal turning, is a metalworking technique that creates axially symmetric parts. Unlike processes that remove material, spin forming uses specialized equipment and tools to shape a metal disc or tube into a quality spun finished piece.
CNC machining uses computer-guided systems to precisely machine metal parts. "CNC", short for Computer Numerical Control, is a code derived from 2D or 3D drawings, enabling our machines to work on sheet and formed metal with exceptional accuracy.
In our welding services, Elemet Group employs welding professionals focused on creating strong, dependable welds for quality parts. Our precise welding capabilities make it easy for us to weld your parts onsite. We have the capability to use different welding processes to perform many types of welds.

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Metal Cutting FAQs

What is metal cutting?

Metal cutting is the process of removing material from a workpiece to shape or size it using various tools and techniques.

What are common methods of metal cutting?

Common methods include laser cutting, plasma cutting, waterjet cutting, and traditional sawing or shearing.

How is metal cutting accuracy ensured?

Accuracy is achieved through advanced machinery, precise tooling, and by monitoring and adjusting parameters like speed and feed rates.

Can metal cutting handle intricate designs?

Yes, with methods like laser and waterjet cutting, intricate patterns and designs can be achieved on metal surfaces.

What factors influence the quality of a metal cut?

Quality depends on the cutting method, material type, machine calibration, and operator expertise.

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