Our Services

If you are looking for manufacturing services to solve your biggest problems, look no further. Elemet Group provides all of your manufacturing needs to help produce the next big thing. We offer full-service metal spinning, machining, welding, finishing and coatings, metal cutting, and fabrication. Our industry-leading facilities are equipped with experts who have over 75 years of experience working with customers in a vast selection of industries.

Metal spinning, or metal turning, is a metalworking technique that creates axially symmetric parts. Unlike processes that remove material, spin forming uses specialized equipment and tools to shape a metal disc or tube into a quality spun finished piece.
CNC machining uses computer-guided systems to precisely machine metal parts. "CNC", short for Computer Numerical Control, is a code derived from 2D or 3D drawings, enabling our machines to work on sheet and formed metal with exceptional accuracy.
Our goal is to offer customers options for cutting necessary features into all of the pieces we produce for them. Our custom metal cutting equipment now includes the offerings of laser, plasma, and waterjet.
In our welding services, Elemet Group employs welding professionals focused on creating strong, dependable welds for quality parts. Our precise welding capabilities make it easy for us to weld your parts onsite. We have the capability to use different welding processes to perform many types of welds.
Elemet Group provides customized precision metal fabrication processes in a self-contained metal fabrication shop. Our facility is equipped with innovative metal fabrication tools to turn your project around quickly.
We offer powder coating, wet paint, and e-coating! All of our finishing and coating processes offer quality, beautiful finishes, with almost unlimited color options and unmatched corrosion resistance, even under some of the harshest conditions.