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Powder Coat Overview

Color powder: powder coating cost

Powder coating is an easy-to-apply finishing product that comes in various colors and can be applied to a variety of materials. In this blog post, we answer the questions, “is powder coating expensive?” and other frequently asked questions about cost, durability, and time.

What Is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a protective finish that can be applied to various types of metal items. It looks like enamel and the process can take just minutes to apply. Powder coating is excellent for protecting against corrosion, scratches, water damage, and other environmental factors. 

Powder coating cost depends on how much area needs to be covered in the application process. Also, depending on the type of surface being coated, and if there are any complex surfaces involved with this project, such as molding work or multiple bends in pipes that need a durable finish too.

Application Process

powder coating cost- industrial painter in chamber painting metal

The powder coating process includes applying a thin layer of specially compounded paint baked in high-temperature industrial ovens. This means no hazardous substances or chemicals are used, and there is no need for sanding or priming.

Why Should You Consider Powder Coating Instead of Another Process?

A protective finish is essential for many surfaces, which means that you’ll have to decide what kind of finish you want. The cost of powder coating varies based on where it’s done, as well as the size and condition of the item being coated. 

Powder coating requires less space than other processes and is available in more colors than other types of coating. Depending on how much you’re getting coated, a typical project can take up to ten hours with one person applying the powder. 

It typically takes about two hours for the first coat to dry and six hours for each additional coat to dry. Keep in mind that prices may vary depending on your location. Also, there are additional costs if prep work is needed. 

What Happens During the Powder Coating Process?

Powder coating is a complex, durable finish that offers protection against moisture and other elements. In the powder coating step, which takes less than an hour to complete, the metal is sent through an oven where dry powder coats the piece and creates a solid film barrier. 

This allows the finish to wear off evenly without chipping or flaking. The final result of this process is a bright color with a smooth surface that protects your steel parts against corrosion and damage.

What Are Some Common Parts-People Powder Coat?

How Much Does Powder Coating Cost?

Many people are surprised that powder coating is used for more than just metal parts. Auto, motorcycle, and bicycle frames can be coated with the process. This is because of how easy it is to maintain a coat of powder on a steel frame hand-brushed by experienced professionals. These frames frequently look gleaming and brand new even years after they were manufactured.

Powder coating is also much less costly than painting or chrome plating because it only takes one application rather than two or three layers of paint to get full coverage.

Where Can I Find Out More about Powder Coating Cost and Process Options?

The cost of powder coating can vary greatly depending on factors. Such as your location, the size of the object you want to coat, what type of surface you are applying the powder to, whether or not we are talking about a prototype or an established industry application, and more.

If you would like to know more about the costs associated with powder coating, please reach out to us today, and one of our friendly staff members will be happy to give you an estimate based on your needs. We have been in business for over 30 years, so we have seen it all!

Consistency and Thickness

The cost of powder coating will depend on several factors, such as: what you are coating, how thick you want the finish to be, the area to be coated, and the type of color(s) used. Generally speaking, one square foot (12 inches by 12 inches) will require about a pound of material for a light color finish. However, up to three pounds per square foot may be needed for heavier or thicker coats.

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