Our Equipment

Our state-of-the-art and top-of-the-line machines, ensure that we have the capability to get the job done! We put great care and pride into the machines we have, and continue to source new machines as our production expands.

Heavy Gauge

Metal Spinning

We are equipped with multiple spin machines that can accomplish any job. We have the experience, skill, and technology to succeed. Our spinning centers utilize robots to allow for 24 hour production. Elemet Group offers high performance, powerful machines with the capacity of 96” and a max thickness of 1-inch mild steel and 1.5” aluminum.

Large Part


Our machining capabilities range from small part machining to end to end production capability. We invest in new technology so we can continue offering more efficient machines. We have a large number of machines with travel up to 196.8” x 98”x 60”. Our milling and turning centers have a work envelope of 80” diameter and 89.25” height.

High Performance

Metal Cutting

Elemet Group is equipped and experienced in both 2D and 3D cutting. We have two Prima Power 5-Axis Lasers that are capable of X161” – Y82” – Z38” with a dual cell work envelope. We also have a 10kW fiber laser, 4kW, two 5-axis waterjets, and a plasma cutting cell. Our skilled automation team works with the machines and plans out the most effective way for parts to be cut.



We have a large welding department at Elemet Group. We are proud of our welding capability and performance. All of our welders are certified by our in-house CWI. Our robotic welding cells have a turret direct mount of 64” diameter, and a table mount capability of X60” x Y62” x Z31”.

Quality Focused


At Elemet Group we are determined to provide our customers with quality parts that exceed their expectations. We are equipped with dual manual and automatic powder delivery guns on our automated line capable of 4’ x 6’ x 10’ parts. Our e-coat department has large batch dip systems capable of 42” x 46” x 85”.