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Elemet Group has offered the Legacy Award for every quarter, with one annual winner. 

The Legacy Award is given to those who show our core values; Teamwork, Integrity, Innovation, Driven, and Fun. The Legacy Award program allows all employees to nominate someone who has stood out to them while representing our core values. The winner and nominee also receive a cash prize if they are chosen by the leadership team at the end of the quarter.

Wesly Nikko works at Elemet Manufacturing and was noticed for showing the core values of driven, teamwork, and integrity! He was noticed by Dot Gaspord, “Welsy was very helpful when Peyton and I were at EMI doing our cycle count. When he saw us looking at parts he would come over and tell us where more were located. He explained a lot to us and wants to help improve the process. Also, he did not complain when we did more work for him moving parts!”
Wesly Nikko and Joe Glenn
Wendy O’Keeffe works at Glenn Metalcraft Inc. TX and was noticed for showing the core values of driven, teamwork, and integrity! As stated by both of her nominees, “Wendy has constantly taken on new roles since the beginning of the year. She has done everything in her power to keep everyone informed about what is happening with the admin side of things. She has especially kept me up to speed on things. It has been a huge help with keeping things running smoothly in Texas!”
Dan Patnode and Wendy O’Keeffe
Congrats to both of you! Your hard work and determination do not go unnoticed

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