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Elemet Group has offered the Legacy Award for every quarter, with one annual winner. 

The Legacy Award is given to those who show our core values; Teamwork, Integrity, Innovation, Driven, and Fun. The Legacy Award program allows all employees to nominate someone who has stood out to them while representing our core values. The winner and nominee also receive a cash prize if they are chosen by the leadership team at the end of the quarter. 

Congratulations to John Foss, Spin Setup Operator at Glenn Metalcraft Inc. John was nominated by Rich Prescott and Aaron Palmer for showing the core values of teamwork and driven.

One of the jaws broke in the ST-30 of the Abacus OMG cell – putting it line down. My understanding was Aaron was the only one who could fix it and he was on recovery.  I asked John about it, and he said “How hard can it be?  I’ll give it try.”  Within a very short period John had the ST-30 jaws fixed and the cell running again.  Way to go, John!

John has been instrumental in preparing for the building move.  He has assisted with the tear down and move of Plant 4 almost single handedly prepped our spin tooling pallets for the move.

Dan Patnode and John Foss
Congratulations to Kevin Handt, CNC Programmer at Elemet Manufacturing. Kevin was nominated by Chris Dauplaise for showing the core value of driven.
Kevin goes above and beyond to help operations complete the task at hand.  Kevin was on vacation spending time with his family after the birth of their new baby (2 days old) and he still came in to work to help with a programming issue so EMI could continue making the product. 
Kevin Handt and Dan Patnode

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