Christmas Party!

On Saturday, January 7th we had our Elemet Group Christmas Party at Short or Tall Eatery in Rogers, MN. We celebrated the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023.

Throughout the night there was a raffle going on. A table filled with prizes and fun gifts to giveaway to employees- everyone was hoping their ticket would be the winner! The purpose of having a raffle is that all of the money that gets put into the raffle will be matched by the company, and then donated. This year, employees raised $3,460. Since we match, a total of $6,920 will be getting donated locally to families in need! It sure was a very fun night.

Rich and his wife
John and Shawn
Jim, Ken, Chris, and Mike
Glenn Metalcraft Texas crew!
Joe Glenn, Amy, Megan, Tj, Glen, Tamara
Joe Glenn, Amy, Megan, Tj, Glen, Tamara
Troy, Ross (and plus one), and Mike
Glenn Metalcraft Texas crew with their plus ones!
Aaron O, Aaron P, Jarod, Linda, and Aaron P’s plus one
Sarah, Steve, Brandon, Joe Glenn, Krissy, Darrin, Jen, and Heather
Tony (and plus one), Devon (and plus one), Amy, and Mark
Cindy (and plus one), Michael, Curt, and Steve
Kay, Craig, Christine, Jeremy, James, and Aaron