The Role of Welding in Mining Equipment Manufacturing

Mining Truck

Mined products are today used in almost every consumer product, making mining a vital component of modern society. And since mining is critical to modern life, the manufacture of mining equipment is equally important.  It takes great precision and efficiency to achieve the structural integrity and massive scale required of the machinery used in mining. […]

Welding Safety Measures: Protecting Yourself and Your Work

Welder working with welding on metal frames in an industrial plant.

When it comes to the world of engineering and manufacturing, few processes are as integral as welding. It’s a method that brings metals together, forming the foundation for countless structures, machines, and products.  Considering that it relies on high-voltage electrical currents and emits a lot of heat and volatile gases, it’s also a hazardous trade. […]

The Art of Custom Metal Fabrication: Techniques and Tips

The process of bending sheet metal on a hydraulic bending machine

Custom metal fabrication is a fascinating world of transforming raw materials into intricate structures and functional components used in various industries, from aerospace to construction. The advancements in technology have revolutionized the way metal fabrication processes are carried out, making them more efficient, precise, and environmentally friendly.  In this blog post, we will explore the […]

Tailoring Solutions With Custom Metal Fabrication

Custom Metal Fabrication

In an ever-evolving world, custom metal fabrication is the superhero that caters to the diverse needs of various industries, offering tailored solutions to unique challenges. This versatile process is the backbone of many industries, from automotive and aerospace to energy and manufacturing, providing solutions for diverse industrial needs with custom metal fabrication.  So, let’s explore […]

Unlocking the Potential: 6 Benefits of End-to-End Product Manufacturing

a batch of machined shiny metal parts with selective focus

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, efficient and streamlined product manufacturing processes are crucial for companies seeking to bring their products to market quickly and cost-effectively. One approach that has gained significant traction is end-to-end manufacturing production.  In this article, we will explore the concept of end-to-end manufacturing production and highlight its numerous benefits to […]

5 Essential Types of Manufacturing Services

professional technician engineer with safety helmet hard hat working in industrial manufacturing factory, men at work to checking equipment of machinery production technology or construction operating

Elemet Manufacturing is your go-to-market leader in advanced CNC machining services for aerospace, defense, medical, and industrial equipment manufacturers. Our cutting-edge machinery and specialized team of technicians demonstrate our excellence in precision machining and metal fabrication. We utilize the latest technology, including 5-axis waterjet cutting, CNC milling, and metal fabrication, among others, to produce high-precision […]

History and Basic Types of Welding


In the dynamic world of manufacturing, the process of welding holds a significant position. Often overlooked or taken for granted, welding has been an integral part of numerous industries for years. At Glenn Metalcraft, we understand the importance of welding in creating metal components that meet precise specifications.  This blog post aims to deepen your […]

Robotic Welding: 12 Pros and 5 Cons You Need to Know

Welding robots movement in a factory

The automotive industry pioneered the use of robotic welders for decades. With the high demand for consistent and precise welds on automobile frames using a variety of different methods of welding as well as materials, robotic welding quickly became the industry standard. However, as the benefits of robotic welding became more widely recognized, its use […]

Your Guide to Robotic Spot Welding

Robotic Spot Welding

Robotic spot welding is a critical technique in metal fabrication, especially in the production of automobiles, appliances, and other metal products. It involves using robotic systems to apply pressure and pass an electric current through overlapping metal parts to create a strong and permanent bond. As with any welding process, proper preparation, equipment, and technique […]

Why Manufacturing Jobs Are a Great Choice for Your Career

Why Manufacturing Jobs Are a Great Choice for Your Career

Are you looking for a career that offers stability and the potential for growth? Manufacturing jobs can provide both. Manufacturing jobs offer a variety of roles and opportunities, from machinists and quality control engineers to project managers and assembly line workers.  With the proper training, these positions can provide job security and a rewarding career. […]

Welding Procedures 101 and the Fundamentals of Welding

Welding Procedures 101 and the Fundamentals of Welding

Welding is an engineering process by which two pieces of metal are joined together by heating them to high temperatures and fusing them into a joint. It is one of the most essential fabrication procedures with many applications in the automotive, construction, and manufacturing industries.  Welding is increasingly benefiting from the development of modern technology […]

What Is a Weldment Fabrication?

Weldment Fabrication

Have you ever sought a one-stop metal fabrication shop that offers machining, heavy metal spinning, cutting, welding, fabrication, and finishing services but didn’t know where to look? You’re in the right place.  Among the wide-ranging metal manufacturing techniques and disciplines is a service referred to as weldment fabrication. Keep reading to find out: What weldment […]